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A specialist hiring platform with bespoke technology to help you find the right candidates every time.


Exceptional reach and engagement with candidates resulting in stronger, inclusive and diverse shortlists on every search.


Interviews and insight to inform and inspire candidates and help employers showcase their firm’s culture to the talent they want to attract.


Thousands of professionals use our platform to access opportunities, career resources or simply keep in touch.


Getting started is easy
Post a role

Receive your login and password, craft your role description (we can help), add any videos and select the relevant categories for your role.


Interested candidates will be alerted to your role and the Hiring Circle team will pro-actively market your role to the relevant candidate population.


Your dashboard makes it easy to view, search and filter applications as well as engage with other interested candidates via the messaging system.


Is Hiring Circle a job board? 

Not in the traditional sense.  Job boards are generic, produce large numbers of irrelevant CVs and are often disregarded by candidates in our markets, especially if they are not actively looking.  Our platform is unique: it is built to work for candidates and generates quality and relevant applications.  Here are a few things we do differently: 

  • We are highly specialised - we only focus on specific complimentary markets that we know and understand.  Only candidates that have relevant experience for the roles we host, can access the platform.

  • Reinvented role posts - as well as detailed role descriptions, videos can be added and candidates can interact with the post by asking questions or requesting a call to discuss if they aren’t ready to apply. 

  • Unparalleled reach - we use tech to enhance what we do, not replace human expertise.  The combination of a bespoke technology platform with real knowledge of how recruitment works, allows us to be more effective in reaching and engaging talent. 

  • Engagement - we are a destination site for both passive and active candidates.  We have thousands of visitors accessing our unique content providing insight into specific roles or organisations as well as specialised career advice, interviews, and inspiration.

We have a highly confidential role.  Do I have to disclose the company name? 

No – there is an option to advertise your role confidentially as we understand that this is sometimes necessary.  However, we recommend you disclose who you are whenever possible as the response rate is better for branded roles. 

Can I search a candidate database? 

It is not possible to search the full candidate database.  A big part of why candidates feel confident using Hiring Circle is because it is totally confidential and puts them in control of who sees their CV.  However, once you’ve received applications, you will search and filter these, it’s like your own database.  Also, candidates who are interested in your role but not ready to apply can contact you via the platform and you will be able to review their details before committing to a conversation. 

Will other firms be able to see the roles I'm posting? 

No, all roles are hidden from other Employers, only registered candidates can view roles. 

We already receive lots of applications for our roles, why do I need Hiring Circle? 

The Hiring Circle platform helps reduce reducing resourcing and screening time and maximises the chances of finding the best candidate every time.  As the roles are not publicly viewable, you won’t have high numbers of irrelevant applications and we attract and engage with candidates who wouldn’t typically apply online.  It helps you go further in finding the best talent. 

How much does it cost? 

We offer both quarterly or annual subscriptions and a PAYG option billed monthly. Please contact us at to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.